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The wireless shield board, is designed for raspberry-pi.dedicated  which can be convenient to use wireless control on raspberry-pi.
- Supports the Zigbee-Xeee low cost long distance Wi-Fi module.
Supports the Xbee Bluetooth module.
Supports the NRF24L01/NRF24L01+, the low cost 2.4G Wi-Fi module.
Supports RFM12B-D (315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz and 915MHzWi-Fi module)
Integration RGB lights that occupies three pins of the rpi shield may be controlled by its GPIO soft PWM or through Wi-Fi module to achieve colorful breathing light.


Remote Control Peripherals/Devices:Receivers
Technical parameters:Value 2
Tool Supplies:Cutting
Two Ways to Control
1) Connect theboard with the phone through xbee Bluetooth module to login and control therpishield with your phone.

2) Connect the board with your PC through Bluetooth to control your rpi shield with your PC.

Package Included:
1 x Raspberry-Pi Wireless Shield Board

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