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Input voltage: 3.3-5.5V
Power consumption: Normal mode: 50 mA,Power saving mode: 30 mA
Operating temperature -40℃ to + 85℃
Storage temperature -55℃ to + 100℃
The default baud rate for the module is 9600

Characteristic parameters:

Module comes with ceramic antenna, the other IPEX interface can be connected to other active antenna

Module to increase the RF amplifier circuit, is conducive to speed up the search star
The module comes with a rechargeable backup battery that can be powered down to keep ephemeris data
Module compatible with 3.3V / 5V level, easy to connect a variety of single-chip system

Module pin: 

1 VCC  Power pin, input 3.3-5.5V
2 GND  Ground
3 RXD Module serial port receiving pin - connected to the serial port TXD transmitter
4 TXD Module serial port sending pin - connected to the microcontroller serial port RXD received
5 PPS Clock pulse output pin

Module PPS feet connected to the red LED lights
Always light: working normally, but not positioned flashing: positioning is successful

Package included:

1 x GPS Module
1 x Normal pin


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