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This model is universal Controller Z.VST.3463.A1 gives the opportunity to build on the base of the laptop or monitor matrix full multimedia TV c T-2 tuner on board without depriving themselves of the opportunity of using it as a monitor.
Controller Z.VST.3463.A1 has on board analog-to-digital Touraine Rafael R842 with support for T-2, DVB-T, DVB-C, ATV, by just saying support for more digital signal cable, teletext and radio TV. As main chip has allowed not only to exploit the full potential of the TV chip, but not deprived of the possibility of reproducing a photo, video, audio files from a USB drive. All the innovations introduced in this model is made possible by the use of a more powerful master chip from the company Mstar MDS3463GU-Z1,
Instead of the T.RT2957V07.
Suitable for Europe, Africa, The five Central Asian countries, the Middle East, Russia, Thailand, Myanmar, Kenya, Portugal, Malta, Uganda and other countries or regions. 
Support Digital signal
Controller chip: MDS3463GU-Z1
TV tuner chip: Rafael R842
flash memory: 25Q64CSIG
Input DC-DC converter: ZTP7193
Chip Audio: CS37AD2AB
Audio output power: 2x8W
Consumption: operating mode -> = 6W
                       simple - <0.3W
Video inputs: TV: DVB-T / T2, DVB-C, ANALOG TV (ATV)
Additional inputs outputs: audio mini jack 3.5mm USB
Supported resolutions:
1024 X 786 6 bit 1 channel
1024 X 786 8-bit 1 channel
1280 X 1024 8-bit 2-channels
1366 X 768 6-bit 1 channel
1366 X 768 6-bit 1 channel
1440 X 900 6-bit 2 channels
1440 X 900 8 bit 2 channels
1600 X 1200 6-bit 2 channels
1680 X 1050 8-bit 2-channels
1920 X 1080 8-bit 2-channels
1920 X 1080 6-bit 2 channels
Firmware: Click here!
Package included:
1 x control board
1 x remote
1 x IR

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