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The wiki of product for your reference to know more info:
●The kit is a highly scalable car kit designed for education, competition, and entertainment. Mainly composed of miniQ desktop robot chassis, Romeo V2 all-in-one controller, GP2Y0A21 distance sensor.
●The top plate of the kit is directly compatible with the 9g steering gear and has ultrasonic sensors, battery and other fixing holes for easy installation of various sensors. The top plate comes with a hole plate, which can directly solder the components of the in-line or patch, expand the functions you need anytime and anywhere, and make your robot project quickly form.
●The RomeoV2 controller integrates the Arduino Leonardo, IO expansion board, and motor drive, with powerful expansion and drive capabilities, and is smaller and is the perfect match for smart cars.
●Obstruction can be achieved by assembling and downloading the sample code. You can use it as a teaching kit, or you can play it yourself, add something to your ability, and assemble a unique machine car.
Whatsmore, we have soldered motor wires and glued for you in advance.?

Sharp GP2Y0A21 Distance Sensor:
operating voltage: 4.5 V to 5.5 V
average current consumption: 30 mA (typical)
distance measuring range: 10 cm to 80 cm (4" to 32")

output type: analog voltage

output voltage differential over distance range: 1.9 V (typical)

response time: 38 ± 10 ms

13000 rpm @ No load
50:1 Gear ratio
260 rpm @ 6V
40mA @ 6V

360mA stall current @ 6V

10 oz inches torque @ 6V

Package List:
1 x Romeo V2
1 x 9g micro servo (1.6kg)
1 x For Sharp GP2Y0A21 Distance Sensor (10-80cm)
1 x For Sharp IR Sensor Mounting Bracket
1 x 6xAA battery holder
1 x 2wd miniQ Robot chassis
1 x Upper Deck for MiniQ
5 x M3 * 30 nylon standoffs
4 x M3 * 20 nylon standoffs
4 x M3 * 10 nylon standoffs
M3 nuts
M3*6 screws?
M2*6 screws
M2 nuts
M3*7*1 Black nylon gaskets


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