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-Give out heating quickly and constant
-Longer life time
-Keep stable power
-Small sound
-PTC Insulative corrugated heater(PTC Air heater insulator,PTC Heater for warm air-conditioner) is a kind of large power Non-Surface-Electrified PTC
  heater with wind blowing.PTC element is fixed in aluminium tube and keep insulated with the aluminium tube.
-PTC Insulated Ripple heating element are dynamic heating elements designed to heat up moving air.
-The large surface area of the aluminum fins ensures a homogeneous heat transfer adjusting the air volume flow.
-This system allows an automatic regulation of the heating power within certain ranges.
-Due to the features, there are many application possibilities. In addition to the standard types, special versions for specific applications are available


Rated Power: 200W
Rated Voltage: 12V
Consistance temperature: 200±10℃
Heat material: PTC Thermistor
Heat methods: heat conduction
Lead wire: high temperature wire
size: 120*51*26mm(including corrugated length of about 96 mm)
The main purpose:used in small instrument, small box body temperature heating space environment.

Package included:

1 x PTC Heating Element Heater


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