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1. Digital tube displays time, temperature, date
2. 13 kinds of LED seconds display
3. 4 independent alarm clocks, alarm mode can be set
4. DS3231 clock chip
5. Time setting can be saved after power down
6. Speaker sound output
7. Volume is adjustable
8. Chinese and English voice time
9. Boot music
10. Celsius or Fahrenheit shows temperature
11. Temperature calibration
12.100 level automatic brightness
13.100 level brightness setting is adjustable
14.12/24 hour system setting
15. Working voltage: DC5V
16. PCB board size: 81x81mm
17. With housing size: 93x93x26mm

Comparison and improvement of the fourth generation electronic clock and the third generation function:
1. The color of the PCB board is purple. (The third generation PCB board is black)
2. Increase the pronunciation of Chinese and English voices and report the temperature. (The third generation can't voice the time report temperature)
3. The DS3231 or DS1032 can be selected as the clock chip. (Here it is DS3231 Chip, The third generation of clock chips are fixed using the DS1302)
4, the brightness has 100 levels adjustable. (The third generation electronic clock brightness is adjusted to 5 levels)
5. There is clock calibration function. (The third generation electronic clock has no clock calibration function)
6, you can change the alarm ringtones. (The third generation electronic clock can't change the ringtone)
7, 4 alarm clock can be set independently alarm mode. (The third generation electronic clock is a fixed alarm clock mode)
8, can adjust the volume. (The third generation electronic clock can't adjust the volume)
9, can be set to display "-7-" or "-8-" on Sunday. (The third generation electronic clock fixed display -8-)
10, built-in 9 music first ringtones. (The third generation electronic clock has built-in default 7 music ringtones)
11, you can set the boot play music, the boot ringtone can be set. (The third generation electronic clock does not have the function of playing music on the boot)

Package included:
1 x Geekcreit® Fourth Generation DIY 
EC1838A DS3231 Light Control Rotation LED Electronic Clock Kit


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